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Well-Pet ZeuterinTM Neuter

We're proud to currently be the only animal hospital in Suffolk County Long Island to provide a non-surgical option for neutering male dogs, called ZeuterinTM.  At the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center we believe that this procedure can be of such benefit to our male dog patients that we've included it in our exclusive reduced cost Well-Pet Care Program!!

Click Here For Some Frequently Asked ZeuterinTM Questions & Answers

Before scheduling a primary examination to discuss with the doctor if your dog qualifies for the Well-Pet ZeuterinTM procedure, all dog owners are strongly encouraged to make sure their dogs meet the following patient requirements:

1.  Species Must Be Canine.  Sorry, ZeuterinTM is not US FDA approved for cats just yet even though it has been used in cats in other countries.

2.  Gender Must Be Male.  Females still require a laser surgery spay.  Visit our Well-Pet Laser Surgery page to see how we're making surgery affordable for our patients.

3.  Dog age must be older than 3 months (12 weeks) but less than 10 months (40 weeks) old.  ZeuterinTM is not US FDA approved for dogs older than 10 months old, but we expect that it will be pretty soon.  The best time to discuss if ZeuterinTM is right for your dog may be during their last series of puppy vaccine boosters, since this time would be the most optimal for your dog to receive ZeuterinTM.

4.  Both testicles must be fully descended.  If your Veterinarian has informed you that your dog has a retained testicle, called cryptorchid, then a laser surgery neuter would better benefit your dog.

5.  Weigh less than 60lbs.  ZeuterinTM is only US FDA approved for use in dogs with a certain testicular size, and it has been our experience that dogs weighing more than 60lbs with fully developed testicles exceeds the testicular size range for ZeuterinTM to be fully effective. 

6.  Microchip registration is up-to-date.  Because “zeutered” dogs retain their testicles and look like intact male dogs, it is important that they be identified as having been “zeutered” so that in the future, if they are lost and rescued by an animal shelter, that animal shelter does not surgical neutered your dog under the impression that it can father puppies.  If your dog already has a microchip, bring their certificate of microchipping with you during their primary examination so that we can include this information in their medical records.  We will confirm the presence of a microchip, and make sure it matches the number on the presented certificate, with our universal microchip scanner.

If your dog is not microchipped, we will be happy to provide this service for you at the time of your dog’s ZeuterinTM procedure at an additional cost.  Please, visit our Well-Pet Microchip page to learn how we're making microchip identification and registration affordable for many patients.

7.  Vaccinations are up-to-date.  If your dog meets the above requirements, please bring with you to your dog’s primary examination copies of your dog’s health certificates and Rabies certificate signed by your Veterinarian.  If you do not have signed certificates, we will need to call your Veterinarian to confirm vaccination during the time of your primary examination, so please have your Veterinarian’s business card or phone number available as well. This ensures the health of all our patients, and the public against serious communicable diseases.

If your dog is not up-to-date on their vaccinations and preventative care, we will happily provide for your dog a reduced cost Well-Pet Dog Care Program to give them the basic, yearly preventative care recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association all at a reduced cost package price.

8. Payment is due at the time of the appointment.  If you schedule and have a primary examination for your pet, and your pet does not qualify for the ZeuterinTM procedure, we will still require payment for the consultation to compensate our Veterinarians and PetCare Team for taking the time to examine your dog, and discuss with you alternative procedures.  If your pet has other veterinary needs, or you wish to participate in our reduced cost Well-Pet Dog Care Program, please request an estimate for services.

The best way to ask about if ZeuterinTM is right for your dog is during an exam visit for either Well-Pet Yearly Care.  When you ask about ZeuterinTM during one of these exams, you will not be charged an additional examination fee.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and review the Terms and Conditions for participation in our Well-Pet Care Program.  Thank you for your interest in ZeuterinTM!

Well-Pet ZeuterinTM Non-Surgical Sterilization. . . . . $130.00*
          1.  ZeuterinTM Injections Two Testicles
          2.  Intravenous Catheter
          3.  Sedation Monitoring Pulse Oximeter

          4.  Pain Management Injection Pre-Procedure
          5.  Hospitalization Admission & Recovery
          6.  Pain Management/Anti-Inflammatory Oral Tablets To Go Home
          7.  Elizabethan Collar
          8.  Veterinarian Signed Certificate Of Sterility
          9.  Medical Waste Disposal
          10. One Follow-Up Examination 7 Days Post Procedure

*Package Price Does Not Include Primary Examination Fee Or Sedation Of Patient For Procedure. Sedation Cost Dependant Upon Patient Weight, And We Will Be Happy To Provide Estimate For Services At The Time Of Primary Examination.

Well-Pet ZeuterinTM Group Rate

For dog shelters, adoption organizations, rescue groups, or breed clubs that can guarantee a minimum of 50 dogs who qualify for the ZeuterinTM procedure, Suffolk Veterinary Group is willing to provide a “ZeuterinTM Event” for your organization at a reduced cost per dog.  We will provide the Ark-Certified Veterinarian, staff, and medical supplies necessary for the ZeuterinTM procedures.  Your organization will need to provide volunteers to manage crowds and dogs, as well as advertising and promotion for the event.  We can provide for the event here in our office, or at your location.  We highly encourage that your organization pre-microchip all dogs being submitted for ZeuterinTM, as to have Suffolk Veterinary Group microchip dogs will be at an additional cost.  Call Office Manager Ms. Nicole Winkler, LVT at 631-696-2400 Tuesdays or Thursdays 9:30am to 2:30pm for more information regarding “ZeuterinTM Events.”

Terms and Conditions Of Well-Pet Care Program:  Well-Pet Care Program pricing does not include any lifestyle (non-core) vaccines, dispensed medications, additional diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, or any other services such as nail trims, ear cleanings, or anal gland expressions that may be provided during a visit, and any services that are not specifically indicated to be included in the Well-Pet Care Program package prices for those specified packages.  Well-Pet Dental Care Program package prices do not include any dental radiographs, dental extractions, dental surgeries, dispensed medications, or any other services not specified as part of the package.  Well-Pet Care Program appointments are restricted to Monday through Thursday 12:00pm-7:00pm, and participation in the Well-Pet Care Program is by appointment only.  Any pet determined upon veterinarian examination to be too sick to vaccinate is ineligible for Well-Pet Care Program pricing and all services provided will be at regular full clinic prices.  Because Well-Pet Care Program pricing is already significantly reduced, any and all Well-Pet Care Program pricing cannot be combined with any other Suffolk Veterinary Group special offers of reduced pricing, printable vouchers, credits, or discounts.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered, Call 631-696-2400 for more information.

Sign up using the form below or call (631) 696-2400 to make an appointment.

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I want to thank Dr. Winkler and his staff. They are the most compassionate animal care center ever. And when we recently had to put our kitty down, no where else will you receive the compassion they show. God bless them for their kindness and caring hearts.

Barbara B.
Selden, NY

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