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Feline Stomatitis

A condition in cats that may be accompanied by excessive growth of the gums (gingival hyperplasia), Stomatitis can be a painful disease that adversely affects a cat’s appetite and well-being.  It is believed to be caused by a severe inflammatory immune response to bacteria in the mouth, although poor dental health, and viruses such as Herpes virus and Calici virus, may also play a role.  Pain in the mouth, depression, drooling, poor appetite, and changes in behavior are all symptoms your cat may show.

The condition is a chronic one and may require lifelong management.  It is important when diagnosing the condition to be sure there are no diseased teeth, oral masses or tumors which may be confusing or exacerbating the two conditions.  Proper dental care, antibiotics, dietary management, appetite stimulants, and even steroid therapy may all help to ease your cat’s pain and return to its daily routines.  We also offer you Laser Surgery and Therapy to help.

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Under general anesthesia, the surgical laser is used to carefully remove inflamed gingival tissue and destroy focuses of bacterial infection, causing a marked reduction in foul odor and pain following the procedure.  This is also the best opportunity to take cultures and biopsies of the affected tissue, check and clean the teeth, and use the therapy laser to promote healing of the teeth and gums.  Although recurrence may be likely, this procedure provides a great deal of information to assist in long-term management of the condition, as well as a great deal of immediate relief for your cat which helps to prevent deterioration in health while the condition is in the initial stages of management and being brought under control.

If you think your cat may have Feline Stomatitis or other painful or troublesome oral disease, please contact Suffolk Veterinary Group at 631-696-2400 for a physical examination and consultation.

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I want to thank Dr. Winkler and his staff. They are the most compassionate animal care center ever. And when we recently had to put our kitty down, no where else will you receive the compassion they show. God bless them for their kindness and caring hearts.

Barbara B.
Selden, NY

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